Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tera Patrick


Hair: Blonde, Eyes: Brown, Bust: 36 D, Waist: 25, Hips: 36, Height: 5'9", Weight: 120 lbs

Birthplace: Great Falls, Montana
Age: 29
Favorite Movie: I hate to self-promote, but “Tera Tera Tera” It was the first movie that my husband [Evan Seinfeld] and I made together so it holds a special place in my heart and in our bedroom.
Favorite Song: Any song that has a screeching guitar solo. I don’t know what it is, but something about the way it sounds just hits me in a way that gets me excited and ready to be a bad girl.
Favorite Food: Spaghetti. I guess it’s because all the slurping reminds me of something…I wonder what?
Likes: I like a man who is aggressive. I am very submissive when it comes to satisfying men's desires. I like a guy who knows how to have really hard sex, but then knows how to make love also.
Dislikes: I'm not very fond of bad hygiene, dirty shoes and small penises.
Ambitions: There’s so much on the horizon, I don’t know where to begin! I have a new line of sex toys coming out. I’m working on a book. I’m working on a reality show called, “Rock Star, Porn Star” about my an Evan’s life. And I’m still doing appearances around the country. I’m a busy girl!
Best Place to Fuck: This is going to sound lame, but I love fucking in my own bed. I’m big into being comfortable when I’m with my man and, to me, there’s no better place than my California King
Best Sex: Anytime I’m with Evan it’s absolutely mind-blowing. He knows just what I want: how to talk to me, where to touch me, where to lick me, when to fuck my brains out, when to make love to me. I loved sex before, but meeting him opened up an entire new world of personal sexuality. Everything about him is sexy. Just the thought of him inside me makes me want to call him and invite him over right now.
Favorite Position: Oh God, I’m sounding so lame again…but I really like the good ol’ missionary position. I like being able to look into Evan’s eyes.
Questions & Answers:

HUSTLER: Since you’ve become monogamous with Evan, do you miss being with other guys?

TERA: Believe it or not, I don’t. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored with him. Anyway, we keep things interesting. A little experimenting never hurt anyone and in our case it’s only made us stronger.

HUSTLER: Other than Biohazard, who’s in your CD player right now?

TERA: Oh Gosh…I really like the new Avenge Sevenfold CD. They’re a throwback to the time when metal was all about sex and drugs. We need more bands that really know how to rock!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Brittney Skye

Brittney Skye | Body Chemistry

Twenty-nine-year-old goddess Brittney Skye has been peddling flesh since 2001, and she has made a whopping 250 adult videos. “Even though I’ve been doing this for a little while now,” Brittney says, “I still consider myself pretty new. I guess I have a positive attitude when it comes to fucking on film.” Brittney’s motivation for being in the XXX business is simple: “I love sex! I’ve always been into having it, and being an adult actress allows me to make a living while getting banged.”


Hair: Blonde, Eyes: Green, Bust: 32D, Waist:23, Hips: 34, Height: 5'5”, Weight: 118

Birthplace: Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Age: 28
Favorite Movie: True Romance. My favorite line is when Drexel Spivey says, “Now I know I'm pretty, but I ain't as pretty as a pair of titties.”
Favorite Song: Pantera’s “I’m Broken”. That song is just so fucking heavy and it fucking grooves.
Favorite Food: I love me some sushi. As long as it doesn’t taste too fishy, like salmon.
Likes: I love the UFC! I go to all the shows in vegas and I watch all the rest. Pretty much anything that has to do with fighting or fucking.
Dislikes: Cheaters!
Ambitions: I want to be a good little trophy wife to my hot ass husband that I fuck every chance I get.
Best Place to Fuck: I love waking up and doing it on the beach first thing in the morning. You just have to be careful of getting sand in uncomfortable places.
Best Sex: I think the best sex I ever had was with my first and only boyfriend. It’s always better when you have an emotional connection. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good, deep fucking.
Favorite Position: For as wild and as crazy as I seem, I still prefer missionary. It hits all the right spots.
Questions & Answers:

HUSTLER: What’s with you and ultimate fighting?

BRITTNEY: It features my type of man. Muscular, physical, strong. Those guys are pretty much the definition of masculine. And I love watching them kick the crap out of each other.

HUSTLER: So...have you fucked any of the fighters?

BRITTNEY: Maybe I have and maybe I have! I’m not going to say who, but it was everything I expected it to be and more. These guys spend their time building up their stamina and definitely shows in the bedroom.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone | Reflections Of Love

Sunny Leone, whose parents had emigrated from India, grew up in Canada and relocated to Southern California in 1996 with her family. Soon after graduating from high school, the ingenue began modeling, slowly transitioning from mainstream work to nude layouts. Finally opting to have sex in front of the camera, she signed with Vivid Video in ’05 and stars in Sunny, Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone and other hard-core releases.

Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown, Bust: 34B, Waist:24, Hips: 34, Height: 5' 4, Weight: 110

Birthplace: Ontario, Canada
Age: 25
Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride. I can quote that movie endlessly.
Favorite Song: Right now it’s Rhianna’s “SOS”. I like mostly dance and hip hop...anything I can shake it to.
Favorite Food: I’m hesitant to say, but I really like In-N-Out. It’s not very good for you, but I love a “Double Double”.
Likes: I like girlie girl stuff. Shopping, cooking, just hanging out. I like being around my friends and family.
Dislikes: I’m really impatient, so waiting around. I get so antsy on shoot days that I’m tempted to leave sometimes.
Ambitions: I’ve been studying to be a pediatric nurse for a while now. When I retire from adult, I plan on having a career where I can help children.
Best Place to Fuck: I’m big old bed. Sorry fellas! No screwing on a motorcycle for me!
Best Sex: It’s always with my boyfriend. We’ve been together for so long that he knows exactly what I want and how I want it. And we like to mix it up by bringing a girl home every now and then.
Favorite Position: Doggie, with one of my boyfriend’s hands slapping my ass and the other pulling my hair. I’m getting wet just thinking about it.
Questions & Answers:

HUSTLER: You’re one of the very few Indian starlets out there any pressure to set an example?

SUNNY: Ha ha...none at all. The only pressure I get is from my parents. They’re pretty traditional. They’re not very happy with what I’m doing, but they are supportive. I keep reminding them that I’ll be a nurse before they know it and that usually calms them down.

HUSTLER: What’s been your favorite experience so far?

SUNNY: Going to Miami and interviewing celeb

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brea Lynn

When we catch up with this little darling, she has some very big news. “I’ve been working as a stripper for a while now and have always wanted to do more,” Brea announces. “First, I got to pose nude for HUSTLER, and now I just signed a deal with Vivid Video! I’m going to start doing hard-core porn flicks in a couple of weeks, and I’m totally psyched!” As one would expect, Brea has no inhibitions in the bedroom. “I guess you can say I’ve fulfilled all of my sexual fantasies at this point,” she coos. “I’ve done and tried everything there is to try. I’ve been with a couple of guys, a guy and a girl, a couple of girls and even a group. If it feels good, I’m into it.” Of all her sexploits, what does the bodacious goddess like best? “When it comes to guys, I love being on top when I’m getting it on. I also love being fucked from behind. With chicks, it’s all about toys. Recently, my girlfriends and I played around with strap-ons, and that was so dirty and so hot!” Apparently, Brea spends her time away from the lens and brass pole just being a typical girl. “I love to shop,” she says. “It’s fun to just go out and blow all kinds of money on shoes and sexy little outfits. I also enjoy just hanging out and being lazy. There’s nothing better than a nice midday nap—preferably right after some sweaty sex!” As for what lies ahead, the arousing Arizonan wants even more on her plate. “I would love to be able to complete my degree in nursing while maintaining my porn career,” Brea murmurs. “If things work out, I may be able to do both at the same time. After all, who doesn’t love a sexy nurse?!”

Brea Lynn


Hair: Blonde, Eyes: Green/Hazel Bust: 32DD, Waist:24, Hips: 32, Height: 5'2'', Weight: 108

Birthplace: Chandler, AZ
Age: 20
Favorite Movie: I absolutely looooved Pan's Labyrinth. It was one of the coolest movies I have ever seen.
Favorite Song: Anything by "They Might Be Giants". I may fuck for a living, but that doesn't mean I'm not nerdy.
Favorite Food: If it's fried and greasy I love it. The way to a woman's heart is through the drive-thru.
Likes: Sex! There's nothing I'd rather be doing than getting fucked.
Dislikes: I hate the LA weather lately. One day it's 75 degrees and the next it's snowing in Malibu! I moved here for the sunshine and warm weather, not for this.
Ambitions: I want to finish my degree and become a lawyer.
Best Place to Fuck: There's nothing I like more than getting a really expensive hotel room and having sex all night. The best part is I can trash the place and I don't have to clean up after myself.
Best Sex: Make-up sex. There's something about finishing an argument and getting that last bit of resentment out.
Favorite Position: Reverse cow-girl. It feels fuckin' awesome and gives my partner an amazing view.
Questions & Answers:

HUSTLER: Who do you like more...The Colts of The Bears?

BREA: Bears are scary and I like horses, so I'm going to go with the Colts.

HUSTLER: Have you kept your New Year's resolution?

BREA: Well, it was to work out more and I've been having a ton of sex, so I guess that counts. Right?